Grand Master Chong Lee

  • Grand Master Chong Lee introduced Taekwondo to Canada in 1964.

Chong Lee (Jong Soo Lee) was born on April 19 1938 in Korea. Against his family's wishes, he started to learn Taekwondo with Grand Master Chong Woo Lee Tenth Dan.

He had to overcome many obstacles to secretly learn the martial art from his family. he had to hide is Tae Kwon Do uniform in a tree trunk or in secret locations, which deprived him of a clean uniform to train in. Many times he was shunned from his classmates because his uniform was dirty and smelled foul. For a young boy of ten, it was not easy to keep such a secret. Grand Master Lee had a deep love for Tae Kwon do and held a strong spirit for fighting. His determination to learn and his courage to keep his secret from his own family made him an excellent athlete.

About West Island Tae Kwon Do

West Island tae Kwon Do was founded in 1986. For over 28 years tae Kwon Do students practiced and learned their art under the tutelage of qualified Black Belt Masters and Instructors. Our school is the first Tae Kwon Do school to open in the West Island. We have over 200 members at our school of which many have been training with us for over 20 years. We are proud to boast that over 250 Black belts were promoted with status and rank through belts and Dans, along with 4 Masters. Our Black Belts are promoted directly by our Grand Master Chong Lee, with a panel of our qualified instructors. It is with pride that the Belt is passed through his hands as the founding father of Tae Kwon Do in Canada.